Use these gift ideas this holiday season for something thoughtful and quirky.

Use these gift ideas this holiday season to spoil yourself or for a fellow landscape professional. There are even some fun things that can be used in your office to make employees and visiting clients laugh.

1. Turf Coaster Set

Protect your nice wood furniture or office desk with a little bit of turfgrass. This set of four coasters is recycled and made in the USA.

2. Grass-blade Ballpoint Pen

Make sure your office staff has their mind on the lawn by having them use these pens.

3. Turf/Glass Paperweight

These are good for the on-the-go office when it gets a little too blustery outside or your crew is leaf blowing near the truck.

4. Potted Pen Phone Stand

Bring the turf to your desk with this multipurpose stand for pens, pencils, a tray for paperclips or to rest your phone while you watch YouTube videos.

5. Grass-Patterned Blanket

Great for a picnic or to leave in your truck for emergencies. This blanket could also be good for tailgating at football games.

6. Grass Sandals

You will look like you are walking barefoot in the grass anywhere you go. Made from synthetic grass, these sandals will be quite the conversation starter.

7. Grass Lampshade

If you can?t convince your family to have this lampshade at home, bring it to your office and keep it in the lobby for clients to admire whenever they stop by.

8. Countertop Drying Rack

The blades from this grass stand will hold dishes as they dry.

9. Green Grass Candles

In various sizes, these candles will burn with the scent of fresh-cut grass. Yankee Candle will even personalize the jar with a photo.

10. Field Hammock

Lay in the grass while floating above the ground in the synthetic hammock. Bonus: it is water- and UV-resistant.

11. Grass Rug

This plush rug will bring the landscaping indoors. But the best part: no mowing required.

12. Grass Table Runner

This unexpected table runner on your holiday dinner table will catch the eye of your family and friends.

13. Turf Phone Cases

Share your turf-lover gift ideas with us in the comments below!