Candles? Forgetaboutit!
Solar String Lights balcony candles

Sure, candlelight sets the stage for romance. But solar string lights also cast a magical glow. Plus, sun-powered lighting is available in a wide range of styles and types from tiny solar tea lights to globe shaped pendant lamps. To keep them charged just position their solar panels toward the sunlight.

How to Fake a Campfire

faux firepit idea

Most apartment buildings don’t allow open-flame cooking on balconies ? not to mention firepits. But you can recreate that campfire feeling with a faux fire. To make, just wrap string lights around a bundle of decorative firewood. You can buy cute logs on the following sites: Wayfair, Etsy, and, Crate and Barrel.

Fake Garden

fake plants balcony ideas

Just because you have a brown thumb, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful balcony garden. This one was created using artificial plants and flowers.

These days plastic plants look pretty darn realistic. Many faux options like tall grass, potted trees, and ivy railing screens will green up your outdoor d?cor while boosting balcony privacy.

Light Up Like it’s the 19th Century

lighting tiny balcony

Candle lanterns will light up your balcony like it’s the 19th century When the wind blows, the glass panels will keep your candles burning. To display, you can hang them from the ceiling like swag lamps, or place them on the floor or table.

Go With Faux Turf

Astroturf balcony

What’s soft and green all over? Fake grass. It’s an excellent weather resistant flooring solution for outdoor spaces. Most home Improvement stores sell it in rolls by the foot. Another good to know, unlike the older stuff, newer options are recyclable.

This bright Pinterest user made over her balcony’s concrete floor using premium artificial turf. It’s much softer underfoot than the cheap stuff. After placing the faux grass on the floor, beach stones were added to seal the gap between the turf and railing.

Get Curtains

Balcony curtains

Inexpensive curtains can add drama and privacy to a tiny balcony. These were hung on a first-floor porch using indoor tension rods. However, in urban areas, wall-mounted outdoor curtain rods are a better way to go. When properly installed, they will prevent your curtains from flying away and causing serious injury.

And When Fall Rolls Around

Fall balcony

When fall rolls around you can still spend time on your balcony. Adding cushy features that add warmth like throws and comfy pillows will keep things cozy.