Learn how to take your lawn up a notch with these beautiful ideas for sculpting and reshaping your grass and garden spaces.

Grasses are versatile as well as beautiful, and with a little imagination they can be used to reshape landscapes, create upright focal points, and used to form exciting and intriguing sculptures.

Artificial Hollows

Grass Art
This contemporary design uses artificial turf to create a rolling, undulating landscape ? this material is ideal for creating complicated designs or shapes, which would prove extremely difficult to mow if created naturally. The design revolves around oppositions: the architectural shape of the upright sculptures and the perfectly straight lines of the background hedge contrast with the gentle curves and hollows. Green is the dominant color within the design and has been used to striking effect, complemented with splashes of bright red.

Chamomile Seat

Artificial Grass Art
There are many alternatives to grass when creating a natural sculpture. In this design a usable sofa has been shaped out of the evergreen plants ivy and boxwood while the seating area is covered with the creeping plant chamomile, which makes an ideal choice ? it releases a fresh apple scent when its leaves are crushed.

Curved Bank

Creative Pathway
One of the many advantages of using grass in contemporary garden design is its ability to mold to any contour, whether it be vertical or horizontal. In this garden design soil has been shaped into a raised, curved bank, or “bund,” creating an enclosed central space. Meadow grasses have been sown on the top of it and then a range of small groundcover and succulent plants have been selected to hug the inside curve and provide some color.