Many people think that once artificial turf is installed, it requires no more attention. The truth is that you may not have to mow it, but you do still have to maintain it. The surface can become contaminated and cluttered with leaves, dog waste, dirt, garbage, liquid spills and even weeds. Regular maintenance will keep the turf clean and safe to use.

  • Things You’ll Need
  • Poop scoop
  • Groomer
  • Detergent
  • Disinfectant
  • Water
  • Biodegradable weed killer
  • Scoop up any solid animal droppings and dispose.

Hose down any liquid contaminants with clean water. Where necessary, use detergents or disinfectants that are approved by the turf manufacturer.

Sweep the turf with a grooming tool designed for artificial fields to remove trash, leaves and other clutter. Use a large magnet to remove metallic debris.

Tips & Warnings

Chewing gum is more easily removed when hardened with ice. If necessary, cut the gum away from the turf with scissors.
According to Paul Steinbach, senior editor of “Athletic Business,” you can spray any weeds with biodegradable weed killer after consulting with the turf manufacturer about safe substances and the turf warranty.