Though the California drought may be coming to an end, homeowners have not stopped wanting water-wise landscaping solutions. In fact, artificial grass installations have never been more popular. The promise of having a picturesque green lawn without the maintenance and expensive water bills has been more enticing than ever.

Laguna Turf recently installed artificial grass for a Rossmoor resident, converting their front yard from natural grass to over 800 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Diamond Light Spring. The artificial grass blades feature multiple shades of green, from dark to light, and even have brown thatch blades for added realism.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Laguna Turf
The homeowner’s natural lawn suffered significantly because of California’s mandated water restrictions. While searching for a drought-friendly solution, the homeowners specifically wanted something that would allow their pets to continue to play on. The artificial grass seemed to be the perfect solution for the homeowner, especially after learning that it was tough enough to withstand heavy usage and was safe for kids and pets.

Laguna Turf, a southern California04installer and landscape designer, has been the company to beat in this Rossmoor neighborhood. After bringing artificial grass to over 15 lawns around the area, an increasing number of homeowners see the realism of the turf and can’t seem to resist making the switch. “The neighbors see the turf in other yards on their street and are always amazed at how good it looks. A lot of our projects come from referrals because everyone wants it for themselves,” Enrique Tuccio, Laguna Turf owner, says.

“Every homeowner wants their house to look great from the street and since turf has become so realistic, everyone has the option to switch and enjoy the added benefits,” Tuccio says. “We give people a lawn replacement and landscape option that they can be proud of that will help them save time, money, and water!”