By?Madigan Made

I told you yesterday that we get pretty excited about golf in our house. (Well, my husband does!) And we are even more excited that the US Open is coming to our area next week. I set out some golf-related d?cor in our kitchen for a little Open-inspiration. I wanted to tell you more about the artificial turf table runner that I made for the table.

I bought a strip of Astroturf from the hardware store for about four dollars and I was a little skeptical. I really wasn?t sure how the project was going to turn out because, let?s face it, this is artificial turf. It?s?. well? artificial. But I figured it was worth the gamble for four bucks. I had the other materials on hand at home.

And I love how the runner turned out! It?s kitschy. Maybe it?s a wee bit tacky? but it?s FUN! It goes perfectly with our golf decorations.

Let me show you how I made it:


  • Strip of artificial turf, at least 12 inches in width
  • Chalk
  • Ruler
  • Felt
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


First, I measured my turf to a length that would fit on top of my table top. I used a ruler and chalk to measure and mark on the back of the turf a rectangle in the size I wanted. Using a pair of scissors, I cut the mat as evenly as I could.

Next, I wanted to prevent the plastic bottom of the turf from scratching or leaving a mark on our table. So, I cut out a piece of felt that was a little bit smaller in size than the turf. I used craft glue to adhere most of the felt to the back of the turf. I also used hot glue to tack down the very edges of the felt to the runner.

I found a wide, green ribbon and I carefully hot glued the ribbon to the front and back of the turf. I folded it over as I glued it order to cover the edge of the turf. I attached the two longest edges first. I trimmed that ribbon close the turf and then I glued the shorter sides. I folded the edges of that ribbon like a package and glued the corners down to the back of the turf. And that was it!

I realize that this table runner is purely decorative? and that?s how I plan to use it. I can?t easily clean it, but it will be fun to set out for sports themed parties and decor. (I also think it could be cute at Easter, too.)

I?m glad I glued the ribbon around the edges? it helps finish off the piece and not look so much like a strip of turf. The different shades of green with the ribbon edge and the turf adds a little more interest, too. The two shades of green almost remind me a little bit of the varying shades of grass you see on a golf course. (Kind of like the green ombre effect on my clipboard wall behind it.)

It?s fun to bring a little bit of the outside in and get inspired about something my hubby loves so much!