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Putting Green Turfs in Miami, FL

Home putting greens are becoming increasingly popular among golfers. Artificial putting green turf is eco-friendly and requires no mowing, fertilization, or watering. The newest generation of putting greens can fool anyone into thinking its real turf.

Cricket Turf provides affordable services and solutions if you?re thinking about installing an outdoor putting green.

Before you make any rash decisions, let us look at some of the benefits of putting greens for home:

  • Quick installation: Putting green installation is surprisingly simple, if you know what you?re doing. Our team will make sure that the surface is clean of dirt and debris before installing the putting green and they will leave drainage gaps, so you don?t have problems with it later.
  • Lower maintenance cost: Green lawns come at high prices, and they also need to be maintained at all times. Artificial turf doesn?t need maintenance. That means no fertalizing, no watering, and no mowing.
  • Life Expectancy: The life expectancy of artificial putting green turf is up to 25 years, even if you use them for practicing your golf skills every day.
  • Keeping your house clean: Putting greens do not get rutted or muddy. After we install them, you?ll just have to vacuum them every once in a while.
  • No allergies: If your children are sensitive, putting greens are the way to go. Growing up and playing on artificial turf is a much healthier alternative for your children.
  • It can be moved: It can be curved and shaped at any time according to any type of garden. If you?re remodeling your garden, you can just move putting greens; you don?t need to buy them again. Our team can do that for you too!

Putting greens are becoming increasingly popular, and it?s obvious why. Golfers are able to practice their putting game even in their own backyards. Improve your short game by having putting greens installed by Cricket Turf in your backyard!



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